mardi 15 septembre 2009

Caribbean Blue. China Glaze

Caribbean Blue.China Glaze
Dès que j'ai vu le flacon, je me suis dit: "il est trop beau" !! C'est un joli bleu clair avec des micro paillètes discrète argent qui se fondent parfaitement dans le vernis.
Un vernis très estival qui est super à porter quand il fait beau. J'ai pris de la meme collection le Calypso Blue, à voir très prochainement, donc ! ^^
As soon as I saw the bottle, I said: "it's too good"! It's a pretty light blue micro Glitter discreet silver blend perfectly into the nail polish.
A very summery polish which is great to wear when the weather is nice. I have the same collection Calypso Blue, to see very soon, then! ^ ^

4 commentaires:

gildedangel a dit…

That is a very pretty blue!

Juicy Nails a dit…

yes, very. :)

Anonyme a dit…


I just had the worst nail polish experience with a CHina Glaze polish. After 3 coats and a topcoat, I still had streaks (I'm a professional nail tech)and then it chipped in one day! Argh.

Lucy a dit…

This is a beautiful color. Looks like the sea and the sky. Just gorgeous.