jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Cyber. Yours

Cyber. "Yours" On Misa: Runaway diva

Son nom: Cyber de chez Yours. Je l'ai appliqué sur le vernis Runaway Diva car le vernis "Yours" est vraiment trop discret sur ongles nus. Cela vous donnera donc un petit apercu.
Il est donc presque transparent, avec des micro pailletes beu, violette, rose.
Il donne un joli effet sur un autre vernis!
His name: Cyber by Yours. I applied the nail polish Runaway Diva because the nail polish "Yours" is really too quiet on bare nails. This section will give you a little preview.
It is almost transparent, with micro Glitter drunk, purple, pink.
It gives a nice effect on another nail polish!

3 commentaires:

gildedangel a dit…

Very pretty color on you!

Juicy Nails a dit…

thank you :)

Lucy a dit…

That really changed the color of the Misa. Very pretty shade.