mardi 15 septembre 2009

Liquid Leather China Glaze & Konad M20

Liquid Leather China Glaze et Konad M20.
Ma petite déco que j'ai adoré !!! Le vernis de base: Liquid leather de China Glaze. Les déco faites avec la plaquette Konad M20, vernis utilisé Sexagon China Glaze.Une pure merveille cette déco. Oui je me lance des fleurs ^^ Mais je trouve celle ci particulièrement réussis. Des ongles un peu "japonisant"!
A testé et faire d'urgence :)
My small deco that I loved! The varnish base: Liquid Leather by China Glaze. The decor made with the wafer Konad M20, varnish used Sexagon China Glaze. this deco marvel. Yes I'm starting flowers ^ ^ But I think that it particularly successful. Nail a little "japanese"!
A test and Emergency:)

7 commentaires:

AllYouDesire a dit…

Great work! I really like konading with holographic polishes :)

Cindy a dit…

This is really cool!

gildedangel a dit…

Very cute!

Inbal a dit…

so elegant and beautiful!

Juicy Nails a dit…

Wow i'm so happy if you like it! :)
yes, allyoudesire, stamping with konad are very beautiful,I think also.

KONADomania a dit…

waw, it looks great<3

Lucy a dit…

I love this manicure. I own Liquid Leather but haven't worn it yet. The pattern looks like Ginko. Very pretty nails.